Programming -Learn it by Journal Keeping

When we talk about “Journal Keeping”, most of us would probably know the importance and benefits of it. All of us might have read journals of some kind or at least heard about famous persons and their journal keeping practices. Most of the famous journals are the journals of daily events and activities rather than practices. We might like reading journals or the stories around it, but we often oversight the importance and the effect of journal keeping in our personality development and intellectual capacity.

I started journal keeping lately. My journals are not the daily ones but weekly. I started keeping bullets points of the emotional moments and the events triggering it. I note down consequences, achievements, and failures. At the end of the week, I consolidate those points and scrutinize. If there were no major events to analyze that week, I outline a single resolution for the coming week. I noticed that my intellectual and problem solving ability has been increased since then.

I am an electrical engineer by degree and a programmer by profession. At the early stages of my career, I found programming a bit challenging. Since then I adopted my journal keeping habit to keep a programming journal. I read books, practice problems and then keep a journal of the major technique and its implementation. This habit has helped me in near to excelling programming language. Some of the prominent outcomes of keeping Programming Journal were;

  1. Enhanced Memory
  2. Easy retrieval of build-in API
  3. Performance Enhanced Programming Practices
  4. In-Depth Knowledge of Implementation
  5. Effective Programming
  6. Wider Perspective to Problem solving

We all have a behavioral pattern; some good and some troublesome. Let’s shatter the ones that keep us in trouble. I hope you all will keep “journal keeping practices” in perspective for any activities in your life. It could be a game changer. Good luck and Godspeed.

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