Lessons of Life-

Be it a bad, good, better, rational or irrational, idiosyncratic or of peoples choice, everyone has their two cents; an opinion. The origin of an opinion can be original ; self proclaimed thoughtful inner idea that can be corroborated or a second hand ones ; an influenced , passed around, judgmental, stereotypical and the dangerous one ; a prejudicial. Whatever it be .. its better to have ideas and opinion.

The best part of having an opinion is that it makes you to think  after or before a deliverable. It helps you to foster your critical thinking. It shapes you. But be aware of the facts and your mistakes and don’t dwell on it .. but learn from it and move on .. measure various opinions. This way we are better off  of the critical judgement.

Life is the biggest university in the entire universe. You learn everyday as you move along. People from different background of life with different vision and experience shape the society you live in, have an opinion and blend with the lessons of life as we life moves.  To much to say to much to write.. be mindful of others opinion but have your distinct opinion. This way you build your  brand that’s worth.

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