Time and Life

Through out my life, I have encounter different types of personality. Some value spending time with family & friends, some value money making, some value  independent learning whereas some value traveling. Everyone has their own way of looking at time and the importance of it in their day to day life. Those who spend time with no regrets are the ones who enjoy the limitless bliss and eternal happiness of life.

As we say, time is precious and has no limit on the price it could be sold for but if we don’t understand the importance of it or we take things in life for granted. It will be too late  to regret it later to recuperate and there is no going back.

Life is time and energy bound. Once the energy is over you die. If you live longer and healthy, its a blessing. Try to do time bound activities, play with your kids and take time out of your busy schedule to feel the delight of parenting, talk to you parents , joke with them, take your significant other for a walk hold hand of your significant other and walk, hug at least one time a day and meditate.

Its human nature that we change with our age. our interest, fondness, priority, goal and the mirror of seeing societal value changes.

to be continue…..

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Digital Currency- Next Generation Market ?

Is Digital currency the next big thing; the transformation of physical money market, or would it become a commodity or it’s just a craze that tarnishes with time?

There are numerous opinion on Cryptocurrency. Some people vouch, it’s just a confusing scam; a strategic way to collect funds for some special interest. It can vanish any time and there is no place to complain about it. Whereas some see it as a revolution in money market, it’s the future of digital currency. It’s not the bubble like “.com” and “housing ” market that collapsed. Its  the next big thing in technology transformations.

The surge, volatility, and massive transactions in the digital exchange mostly illuminate the foreseeable future of Digital Currency. The bounce back of major currencies after falling so low also adds to the notion that digital currency is here to stay. There is no doubt that there are various experiments and research on the block chain process; a technology that is the foundation of Crypt-currency; mocking called the crazy market. Could there be innovations that changes the conventional way of transactions? Most banks, facilitating the crypto market transactions with ease of access to funds, suggests that they might have their stake in the technology and it could transform  the way business transactions are performed.  If this is the case, we can say we are destined to see the transformation in the near future.

Would the digital coin be regulated by government? Would every government have their own digital currency? Will Bitcoin be the next gold ? This is yet to be seen. However with rumors that various governments are set to disclose their own currency, and greater public acceptance of the digital currency, we could see changes in future.