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Decisions- Right or Wrong.

My friends call me a salt & peeper guy in a mockery way because of my gray hair. Some sympathize and call me wise guy. Having gray hair in the western world is sometimes referred to as a wise person. The irony is that every old man is wiser ! ( relatively speaking) just because they have see the world and its turns. They have been through most of the obstacles and cherish of life; the sweet, sour bitter and salty all the experiences of day to day life. Do all old people make  the visionary decisions? the answer is also gray not so straight black and white.

Its always not so easy while making decisions, especially when you don’t have the all the constraints or the factors that would affect decision \results of it. One would be better off collecting all the factors that could potentially rut the stream reverse and make a judicial action based on the facts, Logical decisions are mostly seem right but not always. So anyone can make the right decision just by  follow the simple rules. Few factors I consider to be helpful while making decisions.

  1. Know completely what is at stake.
  2. Know what you would want as a outcome of your decision.
  3. Know all the parties\ factors that would affect your decision or the result of it.
  4. Weigh in the pros and cons and quantify them as much as possible
  5.  If loosing this decision outcome benefits in the long run go for it.
  6. Make it shrewd, concise and judicious but don’t rush.
  7. Don’t rush, but take ample of time to decide, dwell on the problem statement and the preferred outcome  and make your decision. You will be mostly beneficial.
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Desire, Ambition & Reality.

Popular hearsay – Its not ones fault to born poor but to die poor would be their incompetence, lack of commitment, lack of desire to learn to be better.. it goes on and on and if we continue, we will have too many versions for it.

I agree on some part of the saying, around the similar line, and especially the commitment part. We all have desires , dreams, ambitions and fantasies but to make those wishes into reality needs a plan and commitment.  Be it  a poor or a rich planning but if you stick to it  you get the desire result; commitment is the gist of all the achievements; turnaround of all the wishes into reality.  If we commit on doing something, we should finish it up. This will bring happiness, a feeling of achievement,  success  and a great success story to pass on into generations.

Not everyone is born intelligent smart or fortunate.. but you can be one if you dare to commitment. Stick to the plan, think though what you wanted to achieve, and execute it . Follow to success measuring steps of your own or the ones i have laid out in the earlier post.

Lets get prosperous together. We can always build a better word of our own. Smiles

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Success – A Measurement

Do you consider yourself a successful man? a successful husband, a father , a son or a successful human being. Ho do you justify your claim of being success in various sectors and forms of life ? Its not easy. You must be be vigilant , astute and a deep observant. to scrutinize and  quantify the attributes of success.

Success comes in many forms; some are tangible and some are not. Most of the successes of life; be it being wiser, healthier , emotionally stable, or improve networking and  soft skills , they cannot be accurately measured. Quantification of these types of success depends on the perception of people towards them. They are subjective and are prone to be different per person . They are, in a way, intangible ;you have advanced it but cannot be easily measured. They are very subtle and measurement of these are based on the the inner self satisfaction. To bring it into metrics, and to weigh the success, it requires  minute scrutiny by the trained professional.

However, the tangible successes of life like  career goals, financial goals, and health goals can be easily accessed. They can be set as SMART goals of life. SMART acronym has its own  conventional definition but as it sounds smart the goals has to be categorized and optimized to a grading structure where any minor or major developments , steps and advancements are given a value. The total from the breakdown should make 100% scale or a 1 to 10 scale based on your comfort.

Jump-start Direction for Success.

  1. Goal Setting : This is your final product. This is what you want to see a the end of the exercise.
  2. Milestone Stetting : Here you identify the minor and major milestones and  give a target dates of completion.
  3. Score setting for each milestones. Based on the work load you evaluated and quantify points for each advancement
  4. The Projection Graph : This graph will show your progress, futuristic evaluation and assessment.
  5. Reassessment : This is where you reevaluate your goal setting and time estimate. You visit points 1-4 and re-access them.  If you fall behind your schedule and target achievement then you might have underestimated  the work or were effective in execution.
  6. The walk from the Fallback:  Grade the final achievement , major and minor milestones must be set up well in advance to track the progress.  After each milestone grade your work your goal in percentile basis. you will get the advancement result. If you find below 50 % of your target in each assessment points you would need to reassess your goal setting and minor targets. Fall back and advance. measure and continue celebration.
  7. Define yourself a success for the activity.
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Which Crypto-Coin to Buy?

Along with the rise of Bitcoin, and other major digital currencies ( Etherium, light coin, Bitcoin cash etc.. ) last year, lot of start up and IPO on coins were introduced in the market. Large number of millennial’s were in some extent involved in this crypto trading.  Day trading  as well ! I remember.. novice economists applying Wyckoff’s law, law of head and solders and  moving average and so on on  the  price distribution graph. Some worked while some didn’t. It Seemed as if everyone was following the same rule so that the law seemed to work. Some people were were selling the projections on the coins , the future price and the saturation point. But one thing was missed amid all those noise. I am pretty sure some individuals with shrewd art of noticing noted this but not all noticed that the value of platform coins were always proportionately increasing. Their price will go higher as long as the trading platform exists.


Attributes of Leadership

Everybody in this world is a follower of someone. Even the ones we call leader would have been a follower of something, someone or some ideology. You only become a leader if you follow. Sounds strange ! but yes ! if you see it in a retrospect, perhaps you can see where you stand now and where you were had you followed someone\something you admire. It is amazing to see how things change when you passion for at least following . It does not matter what you follow. You will see tremendous progress and development in that sector. Leadership consists of mainly two actors;

  1. Leader
  2. Everybody Else

Leader could be a group of people or a single individual depending on the situation and circumstances. In an organization, leader is a whole management team. Within the management team there is an individual who leads the team. He is the leader. He makes the final decision. He innovates solutions to problem. Orchestrate the execution strategy and goal achievement. Similarly, in public, arts and political arena. A leader installs hope and dreams on the “Everyone else”. He shows the unseen, tells the unbelievable and does the unprecedented. but tries to  move the ball rolling forward closer to the vision he made you dream about.

The Everybody Else is an essential and an integral part and an actor of the leadership universe. They are the ones who make a leader, they are the reason leader exists at the first place. It is very essential to understand the value of this “Everyone else” group. They are one ones who actually makes the dream come true. Say for example, in a vehicle, the steering shows the way but it’s the engine and the associated parts that actually makes the vehicle moving towards the steering direction.

So the moral here is you are who you are.. Either a leader or an Everybody Else, You can build your value and brand by following simple but passionate activities. You will ultimately be a leader in that field.




Anatomy of Leadership

Irrespective of who we are; a businessman, a politician, a philosopher, an educator, an inventor, a farmer, a normal person or the rest of all, we all have a leadership quality built-in with us. In a family, head of household is  a leader; in classroom ,a captain is a leader; in a society,  a congress man is a leader; in state, a governor is a leader; in a country, head of the country (President, King, Prime Minister etc.. ) is a leader. Everyone is a leader at some point in their life, everyone has the inherit quality to influence, govern or guide some one or some cause. After all we all are leaders. The only question is how far reaching is ones leadership attribute and talent that defines one, and ones leadership rank and outreach.

Attributes of Leadership

  1. The Leader
  2. Everyone Else

The type of leader and our leadership shine depends mainly on the two factors; number of followers one has, and a record history of success. Leadership is a quality of bringing people together. Its about providing a clear solution to a problem. Its about accepting the challenge and work rationally to overcome it. Real world problems are multidimensional with range of multi variable complexity, the quicker you accept the fact the closer you are to the solution of it. Leadership is about building bridges and extending support.  Its about helping people understand the cause; shine the dungeon of ignorance with the radiant of wisdom and virtue of prosperity.




Time and Life

Through out my life, I have encounter different types of personality. Some value spending time with family & friends, some value money making, some value  independent learning whereas some value traveling. Everyone has their own way of looking at time and the importance of it in their day to day life. Those who spend time with no regrets are the ones who enjoy the limitless bliss and eternal happiness of life.

As we say, time is precious and has no limit on the price it could be sold for but if we don’t understand the importance of it or we take things in life for granted. It will be too late  to regret it later to recuperate and there is no going back.

Life is time and energy bound. Once the energy is over you die. If you live longer and healthy, its a blessing. Try to do time bound activities, play with your kids and take time out of your busy schedule to feel the delight of parenting, talk to you parents , joke with them, take your significant other for a walk hold hand of your significant other and walk, hug at least one time a day and meditate.

Its human nature that we change with our age. our interest, fondness, priority, goal and the mirror of seeing societal value changes.

to be continue…..

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Thought of Day-Refresh Yourself!

Should you be worried when life takes a difficult turn!!!

It’s been a new norm or may be more of  a habit of worrying about things that are not in our control. We are worried about our future, career, relationships, plans and if they would be\go perfect. Its good to be practical, plan wise, and think logical while making a rational decision but absolutely a blunder to be petrified when things goes south. As the saying goes, not everything is perfect and equal, see the figures in your hand, the pinkie  is the lest used and the smallest one.

When a person is fired from a job, lost someone special or fails in business, at a glance everything is blacked out. It feel as if that’s the end of career. People become delusional and do not know where to start and how to start. However, things are not that bad as it looks like, Everyone can and should do a fresh start.  Few things one should consider

  1. Reflect back, take time to evaluate and see where you really messed up and think of actions you could have done better to avoid the catastrophe.
  2. If you don’t find yourself at guilt or the reason of failure, just let it go and start a new life, new profession, learn new skills, meet people from different arena than you are used to. It makes you feel good.
  3. Share your emotions and experience, the burden will be lifted and you feel released and relief.
  4.  Let your failure be a success, start a meet up. its not late for anything to do it over or do it differently. Don’t let the devil sallow your eternal creativity. Don’t dwell on your failure or the suffering due to an event, don’t let you quality time taken by the things that were never in your control. Flow with the time and think positive. Keep doing something; write , read, play sports, travel places  do whatever; but keep your life moving.
  5. Next time you run into situation like this, step back and think twice. Feel free and good about the decision you made, every decision is the best decision at the time you made because there are lot of unknown variables with multidimensional complexities. These type of problems of life have variable solution.
  6. Life is full of fun, its always sunny in some parts of  the world. Don’t get afraid by the temporary darkness  in your way of success and eternity.  Live your life full of grace. Life is too short to dwell on the things that are not in your control and there is no going back. Feel good that things happen that way, its a great learning curve, a free life education that is not taught in school.
  7. Keep moving on, keep smiling, keep working, be generous, be humble and laugh more,  make your enemy jealous.


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Digital Currency- Next Generation Market ?

Is Digital currency the next big thing; the transformation of physical money market, or would it become a commodity or it’s just a craze that tarnishes with time?

There are numerous opinion on Cryptocurrency. Some people vouch, it’s just a confusing scam; a strategic way to collect funds for some special interest. It can vanish any time and there is no place to complain about it. Whereas some see it as a revolution in money market, it’s the future of digital currency. It’s not the bubble like “.com” and “housing ” market that collapsed. Its  the next big thing in technology transformations.

The surge, volatility, and massive transactions in the digital exchange mostly illuminate the foreseeable future of Digital Currency. The bounce back of major currencies after falling so low also adds to the notion that digital currency is here to stay. There is no doubt that there are various experiments and research on the block chain process; a technology that is the foundation of Crypt-currency; mocking called the crazy market. Could there be innovations that changes the conventional way of transactions? Most banks, facilitating the crypto market transactions with ease of access to funds, suggests that they might have their stake in the technology and it could transform  the way business transactions are performed.  If this is the case, we can say we are destined to see the transformation in the near future.

Would the digital coin be regulated by government? Would every government have their own digital currency? Will Bitcoin be the next gold ? This is yet to be seen. However with rumors that various governments are set to disclose their own currency, and greater public acceptance of the digital currency, we could see changes in future.