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Success – A Measurement

Do you consider yourself a successful man? a successful husband, a father , a son or a successful human being. Ho do you justify your claim of being success in various sectors and forms of life ? Its not easy. You must be be vigilant , astute and a deep observant. to scrutinize and  quantify the attributes of success.

Success comes in many forms; some are tangible and some are not. Most of the successes of life; be it being wiser, healthier , emotionally stable, or improve networking and  soft skills , they cannot be accurately measured. Quantification of these types of success depends on the perception of people towards them. They are subjective and are prone to be different per person . They are, in a way, intangible ;you have advanced it but cannot be easily measured. They are very subtle and measurement of these are based on the the inner self satisfaction. To bring it into metrics, and to weigh the success, it requires  minute scrutiny by the trained professional.

However, the tangible successes of life like  career goals, financial goals, and health goals can be easily accessed. They can be set as SMART goals of life. SMART acronym has its own  conventional definition but as it sounds smart the goals has to be categorized and optimized to a grading structure where any minor or major developments , steps and advancements are given a value. The total from the breakdown should make 100% scale or a 1 to 10 scale based on your comfort.

Jump-start Direction for Success.

  1. Goal Setting : This is your final product. This is what you want to see a the end of the exercise.
  2. Milestone Stetting : Here you identify the minor and major milestones and  give a target dates of completion.
  3. Score setting for each milestones. Based on the work load you evaluated and quantify points for each advancement
  4. The Projection Graph : This graph will show your progress, futuristic evaluation and assessment.
  5. Reassessment : This is where you reevaluate your goal setting and time estimate. You visit points 1-4 and re-access them.  If you fall behind your schedule and target achievement then you might have underestimated  the work or were effective in execution.
  6. The walk from the Fallback:  Grade the final achievement , major and minor milestones must be set up well in advance to track the progress.  After each milestone grade your work your goal in percentile basis. you will get the advancement result. If you find below 50 % of your target in each assessment points you would need to reassess your goal setting and minor targets. Fall back and advance. measure and continue celebration.
  7. Define yourself a success for the activity.

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