Recession and the Psychology

The news about potential recession by the end of 2020 is all over the internet now a days. Even corporate are issuing less bonuses this year in an effort to surplus their budget to maintain the workforce  for future. This is one side of the story. Now the other perspective is that there will be more bonus and hikes next year due to the plunge this year.  These are all rumors that is mentally affecting people to make financial decision that they would not normally made if there was no recession

The rumor about, so called , inevitable recession will help plunge the financial markets; just because people are scared of it and will secure their investments , limit spending and risk-less investment.. In essence the money-mobility will be curtailed. In a way recession might not be coming or  wouldn’t be that bad but the buzz will definitely adds to it.

Security is the next in the row of the basic fundamentals and priorities of sustainable life; food, shelter and cloth. Human beings by nature looks for security be it a moral, social or financial. This is the inheritance concept. This will reach it’s boiling point if not close, when we see our self susceptible to a life event of a financial instability. We save and we save. This breaks the economical cycle that is build on the circulation of money. The more the spending, the more the jobs, better financially stability and security.  Rumors of recession and the psychological triggers for saving for the uncertainty becomes a add in factor in  doubling the recession.

Simple example; People don’t eat out, Restaurants can’t pay the monthly mortgage, and their staffs, they fire workers and file for bankruptcy. If worse, bank  files for help with the federal reserve, GOVERNMENT RESCUES but the county goes into debt.

Let’s clean out the cotter from our head so that there is no psychological add on to the recession. Lets be prudent on the economical and monetary matters that affect the market. Let’s all save ourselves. There is always a way out. We all are in it altogether.

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Dream Money !

Who does not want to be better off financially! We all do. I suppose. Its always good to have surplus money and be financially secure for future. But are we all in that position? Of course not ! So how do we really become rich ?  What do rich people do for maintaining financial  security ? The answer is not that complex. We may not know at the individual level what each so called rich guys would do but if we follow tips, we are definitely on the way of being  rich or financially secure.

  1. Spend frugally: Spending frugally does not mean be cheap or stingy, but be economical and spend only on the items of absolute need.
  2. Be a Deal Master: Look out for deal and coupons for any purchase that you are making. You could save a lot on these.
  3. Alternative Income : Develop a habit of making from other source than your regular salary or earning. It could be from regular inverting or other ways of compounding your own money. Don’t pile the cash in bank especially checking account.. they don’t give you any interest.
  4. Create a Passive Income Source: Look our for source of passive income. This could be investing in a rental property
  5. Be Money Smart !

Last but not the least , don’t sit idle.. do something , whatever it be and see if you can turn that into money.

Dream about money and live it. Enjoy Money Making !!!

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Alone – Not Really!

Should you be worried when you don’t have friends. Not Really! Its good to have buddies who support your cause or are friends in need. However, if you don’t have any, don’t worry. You will meet people who share the similar vision, though process and interest.

Life is too short to try to have everything perfect and worry about those things you don’t posses. It is very important to keep your inner soul happy while doing any task; be it personal or professional. There is no need to compromise however, Its great to keep healthy relationship and keep you calm.

In your life  you will meet people who envy you,  try to demotivate you and intimidate you just need to keep you calm, focus and do your stuff. Keep walking your journey continuously irrespective of if you have people to support you or not. Crawl, Walk  Sprint and Speed in your journey towards destination and betterment all the time. Do whatever you want but don’t stop and be stagnant.  In this journey, if people help you, great! keep them as your friends, its hard to get good friends and people who would work on your behalf. don’t bother about individuals that do not support you. Don’t hate them but always keep your ear eye and brain alert all the time. When you walk you will find people that will help you reach your goal .. just walk.. you are not alone. !



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Slavery Redefined- A happy look!

You must have read my post on independence, the price of achieving , maintaining it and the feeling of liberty. It’s awesome and its great. But are we really free ? This thought provoked me to visit the diverse and deep nature of entangled contemporary slavery.  Modern or contemporary slavery comes in many forms and nature. i.e the  financial slavery, emotional slavery, relational slavery and so on… There might be very few people, free of financial burden, emotional attachment, and obliged to someone\something due to a relationship with an individual. We all know we have and we’ve been there. But we enjoy these slavery as they provide us certain level of grace, feeling of happiness and emotional stability in the long run.

Human slavery was a very big issue in early colonial days and still exists in some parts of world in one form or the other. But it’s mostly prohibited by law around the globe. We all know about the  emancipation and proclamation on the end of human slavery, but we fail to admit or overlook the contemporary slavery of things; the materialistic society, its necessaries and the social rituals and obligation. Nirvana is hard to achieve. We don’t see the burden of suffocation, the contemporary slavery  in this materialistic society as we are use to it.

Unless we  rise above and beyond to see the reflection and have a new look at the materialistic society and its entangled dependency on various factors, its hard to see the contemporary slavery.

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Independence – A big deal !

Me and My wife were waiting on the market plaza for the fireworks to begin. Right before we headed to the 4th of July celebration event, we had a delicious pizza; one that my wife was craving for, for a month now. We parked our car and walked to the main event center where all the people were celebrating on their own ways. Kids were happy with the lights, adults we sipping beer that was available on the market and families were seen cozy rolling on the Matt they bought from home. It was quite a cheerful and a bit of romantic atmosphere everywhere.

I thought of the cost associated with the celebrations through out the country. It must be pretty huge I said to myself in a monologue. I started to calculate and weigh the price of freedom, evaluate the importance, and the feel of just being free or having the feel of autonomy, the self, and under no ones control, its quite goose.  Independence does not come free! It has a price and  a big one and we pay everyday to preserve and maintain it.  I am pretty sure most of us know about our war martyrs and our veterans , our ancestors that gave their blood and sweet against the fight for cruelty, dominance ,slavery ; for the freedom.  Its a huge deal and a huge trade off for the sovereignty. Feel it, keep it, be responsible and preserve it. its a beautiful thing to have.

We all feel like a bird flying in the sky when liberated  \ emancipated.  Freedom is priceless.

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Mind-The Power of What we Think

There are lot of books and articles  written on the power of mind and its thought process. Not sure if all of them come from a personal experience or a scientific research. But be it a product of personal experience or a scientific research, they tend to carry the facts and elaborate  results. A genuine writer would never exaggerate the facts for their own propaganda and publicity. ( I know novice one might do it unknowingly  thought ) .

We are what we think and we become what we think. This is the beauty of mind. if you do not believe in this. Try it for a period of time and observe the results. Like I explained in my earlier post, commitment plays most of the role here too. When you set you mind in a direction or in a though process, you tend to achieve what you want. If you think you are happy , you definitely are and tend to be more. If you think you can do certain things then you might as well.  Our body is so controlled by the mind that good and bad can happen just because you thought about it.

When I say we are what we think, I am not deliberately asking us the ignore the fact and fell strange things in vain.  Say for example, considering perfectly healthy while being critically sick would be wrong. But if you are positive minded person, you live your life better and happier than a lunatic one. Some of the things in life cannot be changed. It’s the law of nature, but our body and mind  are so intact that your thoughts results in an action that you want to change in future. Thoughts is what drives your physical and mental actions; the perception and the power to achieve anything you desire in life.

Process it in your mind and set it tight that you want something, you would get it. All of your conscious raw  decisions  could result in actions by your unconscious mind. I hope everyone would have experienced saying something even before thinking about it. These sentences or words that would have been processed by our conscious brain sometime back and would have been delivered by out unconscious mind.

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Decisions- Right or Wrong.

My friends call me a salt & peeper guy in a mockery way because of my gray hair. Some sympathize and call me wise guy. Having gray hair in the western world is sometimes referred to as a wise person. The irony is that every old man is wiser ! ( relatively speaking) just because they have see the world and its turns. They have been through most of the obstacles and cherish of life; the sweet, sour bitter and salty all the experiences of day to day life. Do all old people make  the visionary decisions? the answer is also gray not so straight black and white.

Its always not so easy while making decisions, especially when you don’t have the all the constraints or the factors that would affect decision \results of it. One would be better off collecting all the factors that could potentially rut the stream reverse and make a judicial action based on the facts, Logical decisions are mostly seem right but not always. So anyone can make the right decision just by  follow the simple rules. Few factors I consider to be helpful while making decisions.

  1. Know completely what is at stake.
  2. Know what you would want as a outcome of your decision.
  3. Know all the parties\ factors that would affect your decision or the result of it.
  4. Weigh in the pros and cons and quantify them as much as possible
  5.  If loosing this decision outcome benefits in the long run go for it.
  6. Make it shrewd, concise and judicious but don’t rush.
  7. Don’t rush, but take ample of time to decide, dwell on the problem statement and the preferred outcome  and make your decision. You will be mostly beneficial.
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Desire, Ambition & Reality.

Popular hearsay – Its not ones fault to born poor but to die poor would be their incompetence, lack of commitment, lack of desire to learn to be better.. it goes on and on and if we continue, we will have too many versions for it.

I agree on some part of the saying, around the similar line, and especially the commitment part. We all have desires , dreams, ambitions and fantasies but to make those wishes into reality needs a plan and commitment.  Be it  a poor or a rich planning but if you stick to it  you get the desire result; commitment is the gist of all the achievements; turnaround of all the wishes into reality.  If we commit on doing something, we should finish it up. This will bring happiness, a feeling of achievement,  success  and a great success story to pass on into generations.

Not everyone is born intelligent smart or fortunate.. but you can be one if you dare to commitment. Stick to the plan, think though what you wanted to achieve, and execute it . Follow to success measuring steps of your own or the ones i have laid out in the earlier post.

Lets get prosperous together. We can always build a better word of our own. Smiles

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Success – A Measurement

Do you consider yourself a successful man? a successful husband, a father , a son or a successful human being. Ho do you justify your claim of being success in various sectors and forms of life ? Its not easy. You must be be vigilant , astute and a deep observant. to scrutinize and  quantify the attributes of success.

Success comes in many forms; some are tangible and some are not. Most of the successes of life; be it being wiser, healthier , emotionally stable, or improve networking and  soft skills , they cannot be accurately measured. Quantification of these types of success depends on the perception of people towards them. They are subjective and are prone to be different per person . They are, in a way, intangible ;you have advanced it but cannot be easily measured. They are very subtle and measurement of these are based on the the inner self satisfaction. To bring it into metrics, and to weigh the success, it requires  minute scrutiny by the trained professional.

However, the tangible successes of life like  career goals, financial goals, and health goals can be easily accessed. They can be set as SMART goals of life. SMART acronym has its own  conventional definition but as it sounds smart the goals has to be categorized and optimized to a grading structure where any minor or major developments , steps and advancements are given a value. The total from the breakdown should make 100% scale or a 1 to 10 scale based on your comfort.

Jump-start Direction for Success.

  1. Goal Setting : This is your final product. This is what you want to see a the end of the exercise.
  2. Milestone Stetting : Here you identify the minor and major milestones and  give a target dates of completion.
  3. Score setting for each milestones. Based on the work load you evaluated and quantify points for each advancement
  4. The Projection Graph : This graph will show your progress, futuristic evaluation and assessment.
  5. Reassessment : This is where you reevaluate your goal setting and time estimate. You visit points 1-4 and re-access them.  If you fall behind your schedule and target achievement then you might have underestimated  the work or were effective in execution.
  6. The walk from the Fallback:  Grade the final achievement , major and minor milestones must be set up well in advance to track the progress.  After each milestone grade your work your goal in percentile basis. you will get the advancement result. If you find below 50 % of your target in each assessment points you would need to reassess your goal setting and minor targets. Fall back and advance. measure and continue celebration.
  7. Define yourself a success for the activity.
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Which Crypto-Coin to Buy?

Along with the rise of Bitcoin, and other major digital currencies ( Etherium, light coin, Bitcoin cash etc.. ) last year, lot of start up and IPO on coins were introduced in the market. Large number of millennial’s were in some extent involved in this crypto trading.  Day trading  as well ! I remember.. novice economists applying Wyckoff’s law, law of head and solders and  moving average and so on on  the  price distribution graph. Some worked while some didn’t. It Seemed as if everyone was following the same rule so that the law seemed to work. Some people were were selling the projections on the coins , the future price and the saturation point. But one thing was missed amid all those noise. I am pretty sure some individuals with shrewd art of noticing noted this but not all noticed that the value of platform coins were always proportionately increasing. Their price will go higher as long as the trading platform exists.